Australia’s Abu Ghraib moment

Allegations that asylum seekers are being water-boarded while held in detention in Nauru, and their denial by Government,  is reminiscent of the Abu Ghraib scandal that engulfed the Bush Administration in 2004.  What has emerged reflects a likely pattern of abuse that can no longer be ignored by Australian citizens. Even though it became clear […]

Censorship by any other name

Australia’s detention centres have become a propaganda tool of terror. Because of the Government blackout what goes on behind the barbed wire is a mostly a matter of conjecture. We see and hear only what the Government permits us to see and hear.  The murmurings of public opinion are hardly audible, with man’s inhumanity to […]

Australia should divest from the International Finance Corporation

If the Abbott Government is seeking savings measures and efficiency gains in the lead up to the May budget it need look no further than contributions made to the World Bank’s private sector arm, the International Finance Corporation (IFC). Australia is a member of the IFC.  The value of Australia’s paid-in capital as at 30 […]

The futility of regret

There’s an old saying, ‘Throw me to the wolves and I’ll return leading the pack’. Even though Julian Assange-an enigmatic individual who has overturned conformity- now has a long historical presence it is evident that Australia’s elected representatives, by and large, are completely indifferent to his fate, irrespective of guilt or innocence. When bad things […]

Open Government Partnership

The Federal Government is scratching around for money to bolster an evaporating revenue base. Documents produced under Freedom of Information laws suggest that the Abbott Government is still considering whether to join the Open Government Partnership, yet open data has a reported total potential value of A$64 billion per annum to Australia. Well, what about […]

Water woes

No-one cares about water until the taps run dry. It’s a reality now facing the residents of Broken Hill. In time we all will, including our Asian neighbours, unless we confront and plan for our water-insecure future. In October 2010 the Prime Minister’s Science, Engineering and Innovation Council report ‘Challenges at Energy-Water-Carbon Intersections’ highlighted that […]