Water woes

No-one cares about water until the taps run dry. It’s a reality now facing the residents of Broken Hill. In time we all will, including our Asian neighbours, unless we confront and plan for our water-insecure future. In October 2010 the Prime Minister’s Science, Engineering and Innovation Council report ‘Challenges at Energy-Water-Carbon Intersections’ highlighted that […]

For future generations the deal changes

Scott Morrison was an interesting choice for Minister of Social Services. Immigration tested his fortitude under fire supporting hard line policies and he passed with flying colours. Now he’ll revolutionize our social security system with the new user friendly persona he’s already adopted, but by what means and to what ends? Given the Liberal Government’s […]

El Modelo

It’s only weeks away from the NSW State election and the New South Wales Government has reportedly been selling public assets on a massive scale. Treasurer Joe Hockey has promised to give billions of dollars in Federal cash to State governments who reinvest the proceeds from privatisations back into the building of new infrastructure. Is […]

Letter to Senate crossbenchers in relation to Julian Assange

Dear Senator Today marks 1500 days since Julian Assange, an Australian citizen, has been detained in the United Kingdom without charge. The concerns surrounding  Mr Assange’s case are well known but rarely reported on either accurately or in detail in mainstream media.  For an accurate background you may care to review the following: ‘Brief to […]

No real future in duplicity

With the Newcastle by-election out of the way – where more than one in five voters didn’t vote – it is clear a large segment of the community still doesn’t accept the Liberal Party’s tokenistic ‘‘act of atonement’’ as a means to purge itself of shameless cronyism and bribery, yet remain rightly sceptical about whether […]

PIP Newcastle: Speaking out

~The enemy is fear. We think it is hate; but, it is fear.~ Gandhi I’d like to thank the PIP Newcastle organisers and Jodi Hughes for their kind invitation to be here tonight. I have a deep respect for the work of Father Bower so the privilege is really all mine. The topic tonight is ‘Speaking Out’. It occurred to […]