Archives for July 2012

The power of the young

Election time is looming yet again.  Vote-hungry politicians have girded their loins – technologically speaking – and are frantically tweeting, liking, following and web-conferencing as they vie for the youth vote.  The desperate pollies know it, but do young Australians yet realise the political power they possess? In the United States the President makes promises […]

‘To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men’

I’d like to thank those involved in coordinating today’s event, and for the invitation to speak. I decided long ago, as no doubt many of you did also, that our governments’ continuing threats to the fundamental principles we hold so dear leave us no choice but to get involved, to protest, to interfere and to […]

A Support Assange & WikiLeaks Coalition Statement by Mr Kep Enderby QC

Thank you for letting me make this statement without being present with you today. Having entered my 87th year, I am not as mobile these days as I would like to be. For those of you who may not know my name, I was a Minister in Gough Whitlam’s Government in the 1970’s and his Attorney […]