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The era of post-truth

How dangerous things have become in an era marked by post-truth. As opposed to appeals to the heart, objective facts are no longer able to influence public opinion. Look no further than Australia’s offshore detention program in post-truth terms. It is difficult to fathom how a system could be touted publicly as an international success […]

Neutralising Pauline Hanson

Populist Donald Trump is not a natural protector of democracy, freedom, equality or justice yet we now find ourselves in the Trump age.  The seemingly innocuous Hanson sees herself as Australia’s Trumpette,  captured popping the champagne corks in celebration of his election victory and at the same time, ironically, expressing her disgust with the “chardonnay […]

All the way with the United States of Trump?

Published on Independent Australia 20 October 2016 Marshalling the resources of big data and mass surveillance undoubtedly enables those living on the floating island to know in real time which way the silent majority will swing in the upcoming US election.  That’s exactly the sort of information the established order would want to know in advance, particularly with a contender like Trump.  There’s now a […]