Australia’s militarised border

Recurring claims about the militarisation of the Department of Immigration & Border Protection have been denied by the Secretary of the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection, Michael Pezzullo. He asserts that the introduction of a law enforcement approach with uniformed officers and arrest powers is a result of modernisation as a result of government direction. […]

The Human Rights Hour with Kellie Tranter 002

Kellie Tranter speaks with Life Coach Andrew Hughes about the current mindset of The Dept of Immigration and border Protection.

The Human Rights Hour with Kellie Tranter 001

Kellie talks with Carol Hucker who formerly worked on Manus Island and discusses life in an offshore detention centre.

How we were misled about Abyan’s case

The case of Abyan, the 23-year old Somali refugee who was sexually assaulted while hitchhiking on Nauru, and who came to Australia for an abortion and subsequently was deported, generated conflicting versions of what she wanted, how she was treated and why.  Documents about her case obtained under Freedom of Information (FOI) laws now reveal how […]

Letter to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull in relation to Julian Assange

Dear Prime Minister Turnbull RE:  JULIAN ASSANGE As you know, Julian Assange, an Australian citizen, has now spent 5 years in the United Kingdom effectively detained without charge. You probably also know that as recently as October this year the UK Government declined to give him any assurance of safe passage out of the Ecuadorian embassy […]

Crowdfunding FOI

Australia is the second largest contributor to the US-led coalition in Iraq and Syria. We commenced carrying out airstrikes in Syria in September in the absence of a UN Security Council resolution. The Australian public still has not been provided with any evidence upon which this decision was based. All we know is that our […]