Pay attention to South Sudan

The idea of Australia planning a “diplomatic offensive”  to deepen its strategic relationship with the United States is beyond offensive.  Whether it’s Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya or Syria,  to name a few, there’s not an ounce of objectively rational strategy involved in our ally’s foreign military incursions. South Sudan is a case in point.  The […]

The sanitised conflict

When the final contingent of the RAAF strike force returned home after its mission in Syria and Iraq, the images presented were of emotional scenes as families embraced their loved ones on the tarmac at the Amberley base.  Rightly so. But left unsaid is the legality and morality of the conflict we were involved in, […]

Border protection: are we really the envy of the world?

As the domestic audience we are told by the Government that “We are the envy of the world when it comes to strong border protection policies”.  Yet heavily redacted documents released under Freedom of Information laws relating to our bid for the United Nations Human Rights Council suggest that in diplomatic circles the view is that our border protection […]

Pine Gap: Full Knowledge & Concurrence

In honour of the late Professor Des Ball Heavily redacted documents produced in accordance with Freedom of Information laws appear to imply that the Australian government has full knowledge of current and future operations taking place at Pine Gap and that it is given the opportunity to approve or deny proposed future conduct carried out at […]

Bipartisan silence

In response to criticisms from Amnesty International that the Iraq government and coalition carried out “disproportionate” and unlawful attacks to take back Mosul, a Senior British Commander, Major Gen Jones, said recently that ‘it is naive to think a city such as Mosul, with a population of 1.75 million, could be liberated without any civilian […]

War and democracy: who decides?

Sydney University 21 September 2017 I’d like to thank the, Australians for War Powers Reform, the Sydney Democracy Network and Dr Sue Wareham for the invitation to be a part of tonight’s discussion. The late American historian and social activist, Howard Zinn, warned us that “When governments kill in large numbers they always do so […]